Online Gambling Website Hosting

If you want to host a gambling affiliate website, or even run your own online sports-betting, poker, casino or lotto service, you’ll need an offshore web-host. Full-stop!

Offshore Gambling Website HostingWhy offshore hosting? Hosting your gambling-related website in a country other than the one you reside in (especially if you’re a USA resident) can provide a “buffer” and a degree of protection against legal action, since many countries frown upon online gambling.

You can argue that running a gambling affiliate portal that only links to the actual gambling websites are not illegal, but your government may disagree. Remember what recently happened to many websites only linking to illegal downloads or bit-torrents? Yes, they got taken down.

So, why chance it! Host your gambling site in an offshore jurisdiction that is safe, and reduce the risk of your website and hard work being destroyed overnight.

Offshore hosting is not only safer, it’s also high-tech, fast and affordable.

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