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It is important to choose carefully where you’ll be hosting your gaming website, since many countries have gambling legislation in place.

Normally, the physical location of your web server “determines” your online business presence. This means that the laws of the country where the server is located, dictate what you can, and cannot, do online.

So if your country, or the country where your web-hosting is, is anti-gambling, and you run such a website, you are at risk of loosing it (eventually) via a summary take-down. You also stand to face criminal charges for running a gaming-related site.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to find a good, offshore, “Gambling Friendly” web-host. You’ll want to host your website off-shore (in a foreign country), so you minimize the risks we talked about above.

"Gambling Friendly" WebhostingThat may be easier said than done, since there are many flaky, unreliable, and just plain bad, offshore web-hosting providers out there. To use trial and error to find a good host, will also not do, due to the time, effort, downtime and money involved.

But, luckily for you, we’ve already done all the legwork and separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. 🙂 We have hand-selected a few reliable and affordable “Gambling Friendly” webhosts – click here to view.


A. If you’re hosting your gambling affiliate portal in a jurisdiction that frowns upon gambling, or requires licensing, you are at risk.

Even though you are perhaps not directly providing an online gambling service, you are linking to such websites, and may therefore fall foul of the law.

Just like many websites only linking to warez, copyrighted, or illegal content, have been taken down, your gambling affiliate portal arguably also risks such a sticky end. Even if the law of your country on this matter is not crystal clear, why risk it? Why risk seeing all your hard work and money overnight be flushed down the drain by the government?

It may literally take you several months, perhaps, even years, to recover from such a take-down disaster!

So, be safe, be smart, and host your gaming web-site offshore – away from any danger. Check out our recommended offshore web-hosting providers here.

Offshore Web-hostingA: Off-shore hosting is when you host your website on a server that is located in a country other than your own.

For example, if you reside in the USA, for legal reasons you may elect to have your gambling website hosted in Panama, Singapore, or the Netherlands.

For gaming-related websites, offshore web-hosting is always an important legal consideration. (Learn more)