Is my gambling affiliate portal at risk?

A. If you’re hosting your gambling affiliate portal in a jurisdiction that frowns upon gambling, or requires licensing, you are at risk.

Even though you are perhaps not directly providing an online gambling service, you are linking to such websites, and may therefore fall foul of the law.

Just like many websites only linking to warez, copyrighted, or illegal content, have been taken down, your gambling affiliate portal arguably also risks such a sticky end. Even if the law of your country on this matter is not crystal clear, why risk it? Why risk seeing all your hard work and money overnight be flushed down the drain by the government?

It may literally take you several months, perhaps, even years, to recover from such a take-down disaster!

So, be safe, be smart, and host your gaming web-site offshore – away from any danger. Check out our recommended offshore web-hosting providers here.