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Canadian Offshore Gambling Web-hostingIn North America, I really can only recommend one, non-USA, country for offshore web-hosting – Canada.

Canada has a high-tech internet infrastructure and very good web hosting providers, but be sure to read their terms before signing up for gambling web hosting, since not all allow it.

In particular, we have selected three outstanding Canadian web-hosts that offer affordable and reliable gambling webhosting – check them out.


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Offshore Web-hosting

Popular off-shore web hosting countries include Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, China, Cyprus, Panama, India, Bahamas, Germany, Iceland, the UK, Canada, and Costa Rica

However, depending on your website niche, some of these nations may not be good offshore hosting choices, especially if you’re targeting the US with your services/products, since many of them are blocked by internet service providers for security reasons, detected as spam by ISPs, or are targeted by internet blocking software. It’s often a case of being guilty by association – i.e. hosting in a “bad neighborhood”.

In addition, some of the offshore data centers do not offer fast connections to the internet back-bone, may not have a modern networking infrastructure, or may geographically be too distant from your target audience, so your website could be very slow to visitors. Since, this will negatively impact your users’ browsing experience, you could loose many potential clients this way.

Reliability, accountability and support are also matters for concern, since website uptime isn’t always to standard in some offshore locations, nor is it easy to hold a distant, non-performing and uncooperative, host accountable, or to get efficient and fast support if you have a site issue.

Thus, if you want to host a gambling-related website (which already is a questionable niche in the eyes of many countries), your really need to pick a good offshore data center location and reliable host, or your project will probably fail before it even got up to speed.

So, these IMHO, are some of the world’s best regions and nations for hosting your gambling website offshore (i.e. not in the US):


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Canadian Web-hostingI know, most of you probably don’t think about Canada when looking for an offshore gambling webhost but, fact remains, the Canadians have a great internet backbone and web-hosting infrastructure, and they’re perhaps much more lenient and forgiving regarding website content than, say, the USA.

Of course, you cannot host anything illegal in Canada too, but for the most part, gambling websites are not frowned on or deemed as breaking the law. You’ll have to confirm this yourself with each individual webhost, but here are some Canadian hosting companies that we can recommend:

  • Hawk Host offers Awesome Offshore Web Hosting!

    Hawk Host

    They have a US presence, but also offer reliable offshore hosting for gambling-related websites in Singapore and Amsterdam.

    In terms of Hawk Host’s Acceptable Use Policy, no forgery or impersonation, fraudulent activity, copyright or trademark infringement, etc. is allowed. (Read more)

  • HostPapa offers a Green Hosting Solution for small-to-medium sized businesses

    An award-winning Canadian host that is a recognized leader and trusted provider of green web hosting solutions, and have servers in Toronto.

    As long as you stick with their Acceptable Use Policy, your gambling-related website should be OK.

  • SKGOLD Hosting – a premier Canadian Web Hosting company
    SKGOLD provides high quality, reliable and cheap web hosting solutions for customers in Canada and around the world.
    SKGOLD Hosting

    Although their Unacceptable Website Content policy does say that Lottery/Gambling Sites are unacceptable, we suggest you check with them whether your gambling-related (i.e. affiliate) website would be OK.


Be sure to check back, as we’ll be adding more great Canadian web-hosts when we find them.

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I often get asked for examples of lottery sites that use good offshore webhosting, so here they are (both websites are hosted in Canada):

Contact me if you want yours added to this list (in exchange for a backlink).


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