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We all want to make money via the internet, right! 😉

So, if you’re a gambling webmaster, here are some great affiliate programs that you can promote:

  • The Lotter
    They are one of the biggest players in the online lottery-buying industry. Many banners, links and world lottos to promote, and they also have a great affiliate backend and marketing tools. Recommended!
  • eUKhost
    This gambling-friendly host offers fantastic commissions (up to £350/sale) and are no-doubt worth promoting! Also, highly recommended.


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The UK (United Kingdom) generally also is gambling-friendly, so definitely worth a look if you want to host a gambling-related website from a stable European jurisdiction, with an ultra-fast internet backbone.

In particular, eUKhost offers an affordable, fast and highly secure U.K. web hosting service that is gaming-friendly. Their Pre-Sales Questions specifically state:

Q. Do you offer hosting for online Poker, Gambling websites, betting websites or Online Casino’s?

Ans. Yes, we do offer web hosting services for online Poker, Betting websites, Online Gambling websites and Online Casino’s. Customers can choose from a wide range of web hosting solutions right from Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting to fully managed Dedicated Servers on Linux as well as Windows platform to host their Poker, online betting, Online Gambling websites as well as Online Casinos. We have no problems with hosting your websites as long as you are granted the necessary permissions by license, permit, registration, or exemption, as provided by the Bill.

If you don’t have necessary license then you need to ensure that nothing illegal is operated from your account as per UK laws. Online Casino, Online betting, Gamebling and Poker is illegal in the USA, but not in the UK, so we have no problem in hosting your betting, online Gambling, Casino or Poker website. Most of our existing customers hosting poker or casino websites with us are registered in Malta and they have proper license and documentation to run their online business.

Our existing customers are all genuine customers and we’ve never ever received any complaint about the online betting hosting, gambling, online casino hosting or poker hosting customers. We do host some of the Europe’s biggest online gaming customers in our UK based Data centers.

So, why not get a quote from eUKhost now for your gambling, casino, or lottery website? Your gaming website could be up and running in no time at all! (Tip: Use the coupon codes on the banner below, or just click here, for discounts between 10-20%! 🙂 )



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I often get asked for examples of lottery sites that use good offshore webhosting, so here they are (both websites are hosted in Canada):

Contact me if you want yours added to this list (in exchange for a backlink).


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Offshore Gambling Web-Hosting Map

Offshore Gambling Web-Hosting Map

Why keep guessing, or taking chances? We have done all the legwork (so you don’t have to 🙂 ) and selected some fantastic offshore gambling hosting companies:

  1. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru, World-class Offshore Web Hosting Provider
    Shinjiru has been in business for more than 14 years and for more hosting choices operates from 7 offshore data centers: Singapore, Malaysia, Moscow, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    Their multiple high-tech networks provide fast off-shore web-hosting with up to 99.999% uptime! They allow gambling websites but not illegal activities such as hacking, IRC or child pornography. (You can read their Acceptable Use Policy to see what types of content is allowed on their network)

  2. eUKhost Hosting

    Also, do not rule out the United Kingdom for gambling-related hosting. The UK is a stable European jurisdiction, with well-established laws that favor gaming, and has fast access to the internet backbone! More info here…

  3. If you prefer to host your gambling-related website in North America, we suggest you also seriously consider Canadian web-hosting. Canada has a fantastic internet backbone and high-tech hosting solutions! More info here…

All the above web hosts were hand-selected by us as great offshore providers for your gambling portal or affiliate website, lottery, sweepstakes, or casino site, or for any other games of chance, for that matter. Check them out now, and obtain some webhosting security for yourself! 😉

For a full list of more good countries for offshore gambling webhosting, check out these pages:

[BTW If you know of or have personal experience with any other good offshore gambling hosting companies, please let us know and we’ll consider adding them to this list (and give you credit if we do)]


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