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Costa Rica Offshore Gambling Web HostingIn South and Central America (including the Caribbean), there are two countries in particular that stand out as a good offshore web hosting providers: Costa Rica and Curaçao.

  • Costa Rica
    It is politically stable, business-friendly, affluent, has high-speed access to the internet backbone and has a very modern hosting and networking infrastructure.

    As a matter of fact, Costa Rica’s central and very strategic location provides it with an exceptional internet infrastructure since several fiber-optic sub-ocean cables connect the country directly and redundantly from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

    Costa Rican Internet BackboneOur preferred Costa Rican webhost is CR Servers.

    CR Servers has over 15 years of webhosting experience in Costa Rica, with a world class datacenter, lightning fast servers, advanced network, as well as great tech support and customer service.

    And did we mention their affordable pricing? 😉

    Be sure to read their terms of use for unacceptable websites, but from what we can see, as long as you’re not doing anything illegal (in their jurisdiction), CR Servers definitely is not against hosting gambling websites. Talk to their support before signing up, though, and get the green light on your specific type of gambling site and niche first.

  • Curaçao
    Curacao Offshore Web-hostingCuraçao (also written as “Curacao”) is a small Caribbean island that is very gambling-friendly (with some caveats).

    As a country, they have a very stable political and economic climate, a modern business and technological framework, keenly endorse and promote offshore financial and IT services, and have a great internet and hosting infrastructure.

    Curacao Offshore Web HostingOne exceptional web host in this regard is Curacao Webhosting, and they even have a handy free “Gambling Hosting In Curacao” guide, that explains to you the legalities of hosting an “eGaming” website in Curaçao.

    Curacao Webhosting has been in the web hosting industry since the 90s and specialize in Caribbean-based affordable, offshore, gambling web-hosting services.

    As they put it so well:

    You business is never truly offshore unless your web infrastructure is hosted offshore…

    Check out Curacao Webhosting now!


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Offshore Gambling Web-Hosting Map

Offshore Gambling Web-Hosting Map

Why keep guessing, or taking chances? We have done all the legwork (so you don’t have to 🙂 ) and selected some fantastic offshore gambling hosting companies:

  1. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru, World-class Offshore Web Hosting Provider
    Shinjiru has been in business for more than 14 years and for more hosting choices operates from 7 offshore data centers: Singapore, Malaysia, Moscow, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    Their multiple high-tech networks provide fast off-shore web-hosting with up to 99.999% uptime! They allow gambling websites but not illegal activities such as hacking, IRC or child pornography. (You can read their Acceptable Use Policy to see what types of content is allowed on their network)

  2. eUKhost Hosting

    Also, do not rule out the United Kingdom for gambling-related hosting. The UK is a stable European jurisdiction, with well-established laws that favor gaming, and has fast access to the internet backbone! More info here…

  3. If you prefer to host your gambling-related website in North America, we suggest you also seriously consider Canadian web-hosting. Canada has a fantastic internet backbone and high-tech hosting solutions! More info here…

All the above web hosts were hand-selected by us as great offshore providers for your gambling portal or affiliate website, lottery, sweepstakes, or casino site, or for any other games of chance, for that matter. Check them out now, and obtain some webhosting security for yourself! 😉

For a full list of more good countries for offshore gambling webhosting, check out these pages:

[BTW If you know of or have personal experience with any other good offshore gambling hosting companies, please let us know and we’ll consider adding them to this list (and give you credit if we do)]


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